Genomic Exploration of Survivorship Patients

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital



Visualization of somatic coding and noncoding alterations from ~3,800 pediatric tumors, along with multi-omics information to reveal oncogene activation by noncoding alterations, enhancer hijacking, aberrant splicing, mutual-exclusivity, mutation signature, and more.

Genome Build

Build of the reference genome used for this visualization.
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The GenomePaint displays germline SNV, indel, and copy number variants computed from WGS, allowing to display and filter variants based on a variety of functional annotations and population allele frequencies. It also supports on-the-fly locus-specific association testing on any coding or non-coding locus to identify variants associated with user’s choice of clinical terms, e.g. 1) leukemia and non-leukemia survivors of a specific ethnic group, or 2) survivors diagnosed within a specific age range (e.g.

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