Retinal Regeneration Single Cell of Zebrafish Retina following light damage

Hyde Lab

Hyde Lab

Nov 20, 2020


RNA Sequencing
Single Cell Sequencing

The ability to regenerate reti­nal neurons after injury varies drastically among vertebrate species. Teleost fish such as zebrafish can regenerate all major retinal cell types after injury by repro­gramming Müller glia to a progenitor-like state. In the post-hatch chick, Müller glia can generate small numbers of neurons after injury but lose regenerative ability later in life. In contrast, mammalian Müller glia do not spontaneously regenerate lost retinal neurons. Although some genes that promote retinal re­generation have been identified, the core gene regulatory networks controlling Müller glia reprogramming remain largely unknown but can be identified through cross-species tran­scriptomic and epigenomic analysis. Paper published in Science.

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