Pediatric blood, solid, and brain tumor RNA-Seq t-SNE plot (1,574 samples)

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Jan 7, 2021


RNA Sequencing

The expression landscape of 1,574 RNA-Seq fresh frozen tumor samples in St. Jude Cloud is displayed via a t-SNE plot generated using the St. Jude Cloud RNA-Seq Expression Classification analysis workflow. Visualization representative of Figure 4f of McLeod et al. 2021 ( Diagnosis subtypes are denoted by color as per the legend (right). Specific samples, groups, or diagnoses can be highlighted by entering them in the search sample box. Pan and zoom functionality allow you to examine regions of the plot in more detail. Further details for each sample can be accessed by mousing over the dots and by accessing the associated metadata ([](/< />)). These samples are available on St. Jude Cloud.

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