Cancer Survivorship Community

Apr 15, 2022

The Cancer Survivorship Community shares high quality genomic, clinical, and patient-reported data from survivors of pediatric cancer. To accelerate the rate of discovery in survivorship research we have developed this SJLIFE Survivorship Portal, a data-sharing platform for genomic and clinical data from the St. Jude Lifetime Cohort hosted on the St. Jude Cloud. The Portal features the Clinical Data Browser, GenomePaint, a genetic variant browser, for browsing, visualizing and analyzing clinical and genetic data integratively. Additionally, the Survivorship Portal will serve as a site for an expanding portfolio of risk-prediction tools developed using the SJLIFE cohort, including the recently developed Cumulative Burden Risk-Prediction Tool.

Reference: Epigenetic Age Acceleration and Chronic Health Conditions among Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer. JNCI 2020

File Name File Size Lab Notes
Raw Genomics Data - St. Jude LIFE Team N/A
Methylation beta value matrix for 513 CpGs. - St. Jude LIFE Team N/A
Ejection_fraction_GWAS_summary_statistics_Sapkota_JNCI_2022 110MB Cancer Survivorship Summary Statistics